Jason Gray.


About Jason

A father to his two daughters, Abby and Emily, Jason enjoys family life. His wife, Stephanie, is a teacher in the community. Scuba diving is his passion and enjoys getting away to some place with warm crystal clear waters.

Jason is a U.S Army Veteran that has set foot in 10 different countries, has climbed the Egyptian Pyramids and started his first business as a Junior in High School. He has worked as a photographer and been on set for Muscle and Fitness magazine, Skinny Cow Ice Cream brands, Uncle Bens, and Nestle Ice Cream other prestigious national brands when he was younger.

Jason has a degree in BA Advertising, has been a Financial Advisor with NY Life, a Federally certified Railroad Conductor.  Jason has 10 years of experience in Real Estate from Fix-n-Flip homes, Performing and Non-Performing Residential and Commercial Notes.  Jason was Acquisitions manager for HGM Holdings, LLC and stacked up an impressive 25 deals in 4 states in 9 months putting over $1,080,000 of deals online in 2017 putting him in the top 10% of his NPN peer groups.