The Boulder-Why Struggle is good (Story).

August 11, 2016



The Boulder

This is a story of a Man and the Boulder

A long time ago, there was a man living in a cabin in the woods, one fateful night when he was fast asleep, there was a bright shining light in his cabin, he suddenly woke up. “Tinkerbell?” the sleepy-head cabin man queried, he heard a voice from the light speaking to him calmly,” No son, I am the lord your God. “Stand up, I want you to do something” out of curiosity, the man asked, “what could that be God?” and God said “Right at the front of your cabin, there is a big boulder. Every day, I want you to push and push against the boulder at the front of your cabin. After the man heard what God said, with shock on his face he responded “Can this be real? Am I dreaming?” This is an awkward idea to me, and though I didn’t see any boulder when I came out yesterday. God, why did you put the boulder there? Am I being teased? God” But he took the instructions from God very serious.

Every day for many, many weeks this man continues to push the boulder, but he couldn’t manage to push it an inch. After a short time, suddenly a thought came to his head, which he knew was the voice of the devil. The voice spoke “This have been troubling you, you have possibly done all you can, it is not possible for you to move this boulder from its position, it is useless, just accept you have failed to do it. Then just slow things down and do the little amount of work you know you can”. He thought about what he heard, however before he would take the advice conflicting in his mind, he decided to pray to God. God “I have been faithful, I have been doing what you said I should do, all day for hours, I have been pushing against the boulder, but I have not managed to move it an inch. I have failed your assignment. I thank you for bringing down my self-esteem; it’s for my own good”.

God responded to him with huge interest “I didn’t see you as a failure my son, I instructed you to push against the big rock, and you obeyed my word, I didn’t ask you to move it but push against it”. “Since you have pushed diligently and faithfully against the rock every day, have you observed how strong your arms have become? The man was happy hearing God speak, your back is tan and strong, your legs are huge and strong, you are now in a better shape than you were. You have been obedient and faithful, therefore you have learned a lot.  God continue speaking to him, “Since you have confidence in me, I am taking away the rock now”. God ways are mysterious. So push when life is getting you down. When you are having issues on your job and things are not moving smoothly, you just have to quit. Start pushing in your personal business. When the money is low and the bills are high, you have no option but push. When people tends to respond to you in such a way you don’t like and want, push. When people fail to understand you, push.

There are so many things happening around you that you don’t know about. Endeavor to have a great summer, and may every of your boulders be rolled away after learning the lessons and God’s grace be with you.




Jason Gray.

Jason grew up in a small town called Mariposa which is Located in the foothills outside Yosemite National Park. Jason served in the USArmy for 5.5 years and was Honorably Discharged in 2001. Jason has set foot in 10 different countries and has climbed to the top of one of the Egyptian Pyramids. He believes that personal growth is a spark that most people fail to light and wishes he could share it with others. He has owned three businesses and now is involved in Real Estate at

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