The DNA of Success.

July 28, 2016




The DNA of Success.

Don’t be confused. Its really quite simple once you put the pieces together.

OP M2 T2 E2 + N+ GB

To be successful (both spiritually and in business) you need to adapt this bit of DNA into your lifestyle and daily thought pattern.

Utilize Other Peoples…

Money-You may be broke with a great idea. Somebody will appreciate your enthusiasm, energy, or ideas and might loan you the money or partner with you to help you achieve your goals. Know the difference between an asset and a liability. Borrow money to pay for things that increase in value, increase your value, or put cash in your pocket (Assets: Real estate, personal education) Pay cash for things that depreciate in value (Liabilities: cars, clothes, gas, furniture). So many people waste money (or worse, borrow money) on things that are worth less money immediately after they purchase them.

I’d be interested to see how much money we spend on junk in the US with Credit cards. Now let this idea sink in: instead of spending all our credit cards on junk, what if we spend the same dollars on education and personal development?? Remember, the person who travels the farthest is usually not the one who traveled the furthest in miles, but the one who made the most of the 6 inches between his or her ears.


Mistakes- You will never be able to make all the mistakes that you need to succeed. Having a mentor will help you prevent disastrous mistakes that you never knew existed. People are fearful of making the wrong move so they tend stand in one place their entire life. The Term, “I cant” only translates to: I’m petrified of failing so big that I can’t ever recover. Remember, when riding a bike, you had someone there to hold you up incase you lost your balance.

Replace these words: I can’t, No, Not and won’t. In their place adapt this phrase: How do I, who can help, where can I find that solution? Find a mentor, they will make sure you have softer crash-landings and fall forward on your journey. Only with a good coach, mentor, pal, friend, can you ever hope to fall small; accept a skinned knee from time to time. The Japanese have a word: “Ganbatte” which is loosely translated to “Pick yourself up try again”. The people with the greatest advantage in life are the ones who fail, process that failure, learn the lesson needed, and move on.

Never ever be afraid of falling down and skinning your knees. Fall six times and get up seven is an old Japanese proverb (see my blog on “The Boulder“. Would anyone try riding bike if they only thought of how painful it MIGHT be. No! You focused on how much fun it WILL be when you decided to try and learn. To fall or fail is inevitable. To stay down once you’ve fallen is your choice. Remember this idea: Winners focus on the PLEASING RESULTS, the unsuccessful focus on the easy way right now.


Time- You may not have all the time in the world to accomplish your dreams, desires or goals. If you give 100% of your time for your goals you will appreciate this: what if you found 100 people to give 1% of their time to help you achieve your goals? What if you volunteered your time (internship, errand boy, etc) to learn what the successful already know? (See experience below). This concept is one of the major differences between small business owners and successful partnerships, joint-ventures or corporations. Many people give a little of their time to make the whole group successful.

Talents – You may have the great idea, but don’t have the time to learn a new trade or skill. Someone out there has the talent you need, but has no idea how to utilize it. Remember: Somebody “plays” at the things that you “work” at.


Energy– You know these people…they have an eternal bounce to their step. The see the potential when you see the problems, they have the drive to get up early and stay late. They don’t mind getting down and dirty because that’s who they are. Excitement creates energy, energy creates emotions. Emotions get things done. Most people are dead inside because they gave up on their dreams hopes and desires. God is the source for all good things and through Him all things are possible. Remember, someone spilled their blood on the Cross so you can live. My question to you is: are you living to your full potential since you’ve really got nothing to lose?


Experience- Someone out there has already walked the path you seek. Someone already knows the hidden pitfalls and the unseen treasure that waits for you based on their experience of being there already. Tap into this experience. You would be surprised at the number of highly successful people who would allow you to take them out to lunch or coffee to pick their brain and get their opinion. If that person (say a doctor for example) has already gone from where you are to where he is now, don’t you think you could ask him for a few pointers or short cuts to get to where you want to go?


Network- The power of all of us working together is exponentially more powerful than just me working for my goals. Superman, John Wayne, Rambo are all macho daydreams and are models for failure. The real strength for any business or entrepreneurs is this: Interdependence is far more effective and important than independence. Think about that: Interdependence vs. Independence. One suggests I lean on you to succeed as much as you lean on me to succeed. The other suggests that have no one to lean on when I get tripped up or have problems that I can’t solve. Thats where we come in HERE

Also realize this about networks: EVERY PERSON knows or contacts more than 100 people in their daily life on an yearly basis. Never pass up an opportunity to be part of someone else’s network. That person you take to lunch or coffee knows other successful people who could potentially change your life in a way you never imagined possible. Conversely, your network could be the one thing that helps give a hand up to that person who has no idea how to help themselves. Never underestimate your importance in changing somebody else’s situation. Your worth is not measured in the amount of money you have or the car you drive or even your reputation, but rather it is measured by the number of lives you change for the better.

GIVE BACK– Always be sure you’re in somebody else’s “Success DNA” chain. Give back your Money, share your Mistakes, give of your Time, utilize your Talents, Energy, Experience and your life will be more fruitful than anything you ever imagined. There are so many people out there who need help even if its just you saying hello and offering 10 minutes of your time. So many people will open up and ask you a question or two once you’ve offered it.


Jason Gray.

Jason grew up in a small town called Mariposa which is Located in the foothills outside Yosemite National Park. Jason served in the USArmy for 5.5 years and was Honorably Discharged in 2001. Jason has set foot in 10 different countries and has climbed to the top of one of the Egyptian Pyramids. He believes that personal growth is a spark that most people fail to light and wishes he could share it with others. He has owned three businesses and now is involved in Real Estate at

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